LING 150B: Language in Hawaiʻi & the Pacific (Unit Mastery)


This course is an introduction to the languages of Hawai’i and the broader Pacific region. The topics covered include principles of historical language change, the organization of linguistic systems of sound and grammar, the social use of language, language and education, language contact and shift, pidgins and creoles, language endangerment and documentation, and language maintenance and revitalization.

Additionally, this is a Unit Mastery (UM) course. In UM courses there are no in-person class meetings or lectures. Instead, students study the materials on their own, and then need to complete a series of quizzes and writing assignments throughout the semester, which determines their overall comprehension of the materials and final grade. Instructors of UM courses, therefore, are responsible for interfacing with students via online methods, curriculum development and improvement, and evaluating and providing feedback to students just like an in-person course.

Semesters taught: Spring 2024